In April of 2011 our Founder and Retired President "Jesse" was approached by two of his close and personal friends "Bull" and "Ironman" to go and talk to the 1%er Club in Lake County ( Warlocks ) and ask permission to form a Support Club and wear a 3 Piece MC Patch. Jesse was a very good friend of the Warlocks President "Davey" at this time and went and got his and the Nations blessings and permission on starting the Fallen Few MC. 

     At that time the dream became a reality. All of the Founding Members were successful businessmen, who had taken on hard times form the Economical crash in 2008. Thus creating the term "Fallen". Since there were only a "Few" Founding Members at that time. It created the Club Name, "FALLEN FEW MC". The Club created and designed our center patch "Jester" with the help of another one of our founding members, "Mississippi". The Patch is designed to have a imposing presence upon first look but still maintains the justifications of the Family Club that we are. Our beliefs are that we believe in Family 100% and are also a Warlock Support Crew first and foremost. The Club has had many changes over the past years and continues to grow and prosper. Most of our Members are prior Military and a few are still active in National Guard. We Support our Troops!!

     We currently have Chapters in Lake County and Orange County Florida but are always looking For a Few Good Men in other areas. We do require our Members to ride their Motorcycles and we do have a points system in affect to monitor the miles each member rides a year. We require anyone who is interested to "Hangaround" for a period of time to get to know our members and for us to get to know you. Once we have established a bond with the "Hangaround", and they are sure of what they want, they may go to the next level of "Prospect". The Jump from "Hangaround" to "Prospect" is one of dedication and requires a unanimous vote from all patched members. The "Prospect" Phase is a minimum of 180 days or until the Club or Sponsor decides otherwise. We do not allow patch overs from Members from other Clubs!! We do accept Applications from Members that are out in Good Standings from the Club they Left but they will also be required to Prove themselves over the next 180 Days. 

     We Created the Lake County "St. Jude's Children's Event" in November of 2012 and have Donated over $70,000 to St. Jude's since the events have started. The event continues to grow and prosper each and every year. It now involves many other sponsors and lots of help from the Lake County Community. 

     If you believe in "Brotherhood" and like to ride your Motorcycle, come on out and Support your Local Fallen Few MC. We believe that, "WITH BROTHERHOOD, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE"!! You may go to the contact page and send an email if you have any questions.


     "The Fallen Few MC shouldn't be seen as a club you will try out for a while and see how it goes for you with the option to then drop out"